The WS activities were developed as follows:

  • Session «Trial Accreditations»: devoted to reporting the out of the trial accreditations, with particular reference to the appropriateness of the MEDACCR approach to the QA assessment of study programmes (SPs) of the Partner Countries (PCs) and the main strengths and weaknesses of the visited SPs.
  • Session «MEDACCR Documentation»: devoted to the analysis of the documentation prepared by the visited SPs for the purpose of the trial accreditations and to collection and sharing of suggestions for updating and improving MEDACCR documentation, with particular reference to the MEDACCR Model.
  • Session «Accreditation Centres»:
  • a) presentation of the state of the art of the implementation of EUR-ACE Accreditation Centres (ACs) in PCs;
  • b) presentation of the accreditation criteria of the agencies partners of the project;
  • c) presentation and discussion of the proposal of MEDACCR Guidelines on External Assessment of SPs