The kick-off meeting activities were developed as follows:

  • Presentation of the University of Genoa
  • Presentation of the MEDACCR members: skills and background in quality assurance and accreditation of the study programmes
  • Appointment of the Project Boards
  • Presentation & revision of the planning of the academic activities of the project, mobility plan and MEDACCR partnership agreement

Session on the organizational, administrative & financial management of the project.

Agenda of Kick Off Meeting (Pdf)

Slides of the kick off meeting, held in Genoa

Presentation UNIGE P01

Presentation ENPC P02

Presentation PSUT P03 + P16

Presentation JUST P04

Presentation ENSIT P05

Presentation NSTN P06

Presentation NSTN P06/2

Presentation UMTN P07

Presentation IPP P08

Presentation ECNANTES P09

Presentation UNIFI P10

Presentation UNIFI P10/2

Presentation UPC P11

Presentation ECAMPOS P12

Presentation CINECA P13

Presentation QUACING P14

Presentation ENPO P21

Presentation EDMC P22

Presentation ENAEE